Cameras are tools to stop time.

It's capturing that breathtaking sunrise, the nervous joy at the wedding altar, the look on a child's face as they discover something new, that's what really keeps my passion for photography alive. I strive to capture that "in the moment" opportunity and transform it to something you can look at and experience the feelings all over again.
My name is George McCullough III (GM3) and this is my business...my passion...my escape. I attended school for fine arts and have since chosen to work in fields that require artistic skill and composition knowledge. My photography started with inanimate objects from a technical aspect. It wasn't until later that I fell in love with capturing events unfolding in front of me.
I'm a Canon fan, and have very high quality camera bodies and lenses that I use to capture these breathtaking images. I'm up for photographing anything, anywhere, so check out the different ways to contact me and let's make it happen!!!